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‘Make Believe Family Fun Center’ has Kenny kickin’ up his heels

PARMA, Ohio — Make Believe Family Fun Center in Parma offers lots of activities geared towards families with children ages 4-12. The huge facility has arcade games, a two-level rope course, laser tag, ninja and a rock-climbing wall, bumpers cars and a cafe and birthday party room. Fox 8’s Kenny Crumpton packed a lot of […]

A beautiful experience!

We took the kids here last week and although they had fun, the rock climbing wall (the side with lego rocks) is extremely too close to the black gate arouund it. My daughter let go from the third block up and hit her head on the black gate as she was coming down. Those ropes are supposed to catch that from happening. There was also only one employee who was managing the safety of 3 different sides of the walls, and he had to keep running back to everyone asking if they were ok and wanted to keep going. Another safety precaution that is missing is that anyone can walk out of there with your child. What I mean by that is that there is no safety stamp (like Chuck E. Cheese has) to make sure that kids leave with who they are supposed to. Even though I stayed right next to the entrance of Ballocity while my 4 & 8 year old played inside, there were a couple of times we lost sight of them inside Ballocity and adults are playing on & inside the equipment as well! Not a good idea to let parents playing in there especially where there are parts of Ballocity that cannot be seen.

Mike & Laura
Mike & Laura

Went for the first time today and the kids had a blast! Ages 2-12 all had TONS to do. The food was great (I honestly wasn’t expecting much). The staff was hands down the nicest staff I’ve ever encountered at a kids’ place. The guy running the ropes course made it so much fun for my oldest two. They are raving about it and can’t wait to go back. I’m just jealous we didn’t get it closer to home!


My family visited this week and it was quite a bit of fun! Toddler area isn’t huge but just the right amount for a 1 year old. Our 5 year old loved everything even though he was too short for the ropes courses. It’s a spacious place and the staff was probably the best part. Everyone we interacted with were super friendly and very kind. The front desk girl who sold us our bracelets wasn’t the most informative about how things worked. I expected more of an introduction as it being a brand new place but we figured it out. The food looked a bit pricey. We paid $5 for a large pretzel. The bowling was hard to grab a lane as there are only 4 lanes and people kind of hogged them but we did eventually get to play just before our time limit was up. We would definitely go back and may even have our son’s birthday here. The party rooms looked nice and spacious.


Had such a fun time there on Friday with our entire family- three hours of wonderful family fun time. Made great memories and look forward to going back. Three whole hours spent with the family laughing, playing and having good old-fashioned fun. three whole hours “screen-time free” (which is normally a fate worse than death for my children) but we were all having too much fun, they didn’t even notice! Staff were remarkably friendly and helpful, the place was very clean and will definitely be a new family favorite!


A little intro…

About us Make Believe

Do you watch your kids play and wish you could join in?  At Make Believe Family Fun Center we have created the ultimate fun experience for moms, dads and kids in the greater Cleveland area. How did we achieve it? By going bigger, better and more hands-on than any other family fun center in the business!
There’s fun for everyone at Make Believe. Whether your family likes climbing, playing, or healthy competition you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Each attraction is a portal into another world allowing your family to explore enchanted forests, scale the inside of a volcano and climb high above the decks of a pirate ship. Our team members are trained to help every guest stay safe and have a blast.  The kids will be “family bonding” without even realizing it. We work hard to keep our facilities clean, safe and convenient for both kids and parents. Store your stuff in a complimentary electronic storage locker, relax in our lounge between activities and then boost your energy with a healthy, cafe-style meal prepared by our dedicated kitchen staff. Spend family time playing, having a birthday party or hosting a special event and don’t forget to snap an amazing picture at the 3D photo wall.
At Make Believe we celebrate the love, diversity and adventurous spirit of the Parma community every day. Step into a world of joy, discovery and pure play at Make Believe Family Fun Center in Parma, OH today!