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Kids Indoor Climbing

How high can you climb?

When you push yourself to the limit, you can reach heights you’ve never dreamed of. Whether you’re testing your superhero skills, preparing for Mount Everest or simply conquering a fear of heights, you’ll find what you need here in the world of Make Believe.  You won’t find anything quite like our climbing walls anywhere else in Parma.

At Make Believe, we don’t just believe in the power of play, we believe in tackling new experiences.  Therefore all ages are invited to test their skills against our three climbing walls: the Ninja Wall, the Tetris Wall and the Lego Wall.

How high can you climb?

Ninja Wall:  Ever wondered if you were part monkey?  Do you dream of climbing towers and scaling elevator shafts to beat the bad guys?  Do you just really like wearing black?  See if you have what it takes to become a master on our Ninja Climbing Wall.  We’ll strap you into our safety harness, then you’re ready to climb! Our Ninja Wall is actually two walls set across from each other and covered with soft pads for a better grip. Put one foot on each wall and see if you can scale it to the top!

Tetris & Lego Climbing Walls:   If your kid climbing the walls, make sure they do it right!  At Make Believe these are anything but your average rock climbing walls. Located on either side of the Ninja Wall, The Tetris & Lego Walls are 22 feet high, so those brave enough can test their strength, endurance and problem solving skills to make it to the top.  An adventure worth taking.

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Make Believe

Ninja Climbing Wall

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