Plan a day of group fun at Make Believe Family Fun Center.  Our staff works hard to ensure that every guest is engaged, safe and having the time of their lives.  Our facility is designed so teachers, coaches, parents and kids of all ages will have a blast when they step into our world here at Make Believe.

Field Trips
Students all have different interests and abilities, that should be an opportunity not an obstacle!  Book a field trip at Make Believe Family Fun Center for your elementary or middle school students and guarantee a memorable chapter in their school year.  Our event specialists are capable of customizing fun for every size group.  Let us know which attractions you’d like available, what food your kids love and how many students, teachers and parents will be on hand. We’ll be sure to have plenty of staff on hand to assist with supervision and safety.  The only thing you’ll have to worry about is having fun!

Sport Team Parties

Win or lose, it’s how you play that counts.  Celebrate a successful game, setting a new team record or just a great season with a Sports Team Party at Make Believe Family Fun Center.  Our party professionals can help you book a private room, make food and beverage selections and walk you through our available attractions.  When the day arrives our Party Host will stay with you the entire time, guiding your athletes, coaches and parents through each attraction, serving the food you selected and assisting with anything else you may need, like handing out trophies.  All the while making sure everyone is entertained and having a memorable time.

Group Adventures
Day care facilities and after school programs have one thing in common, it’s almost impossible to exhaust a child’s boundless supply of energy.  Sounds like the kind of challenge we were made for! When you step through our portal into the world of Make Believe you will find athletic challenges, interactive games, playgrounds and so much more.  There’s even a toddler play area perfect for play dates.  We have special pricing for groups or you can even book our entire facility for a day of private play. Click here to learn more about our group options!

Minimum 10 kids
Monday through Friday

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