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How to Celebrate your birthday during covid-19

We all wish celebrating our kid’s birthday at a birthday party center could be an option but obviously it is not. Even though we’re in unprecedented times, we can still celebrate birthdays for our friends and family. Check out these ideas to celebrate and ‘be together’ even if we are apart.

Go Old School
Request family and friends make cards and mail them to you via snail mail! Everyone loves getting mail.

Coordinate plans via Social Media
Social media is super helpful for planning and coordinating. Create an event or group for your ‘party’ to give the details. 

Another idea is engaging with your neighborhood FB group to let them know how they can be a part of your plans. 

Connect via Technology
Video chat programs like FaceTime, HouseParty, Zoom, and Google Hangouts are great for ‘being together’ even if you are apart. Have a plan for what you will do once everyone is on the line. Invite friends and family to participate in a birthday singalong, dance party, group chat, video dinner party or a dessert party! (don’t forget to have fun with video backgrounds)

Can’t join the online party? Ask family and friends to send video messages and edit all the messages together!

Plan a scavenger hunt
Send your child on a scavenger hunt! You can work together with your neighborhood (that Facebook group!) and create things for your child to spot as you trot around the neighborhood. Not close with the neighbors? Come up with a few ideas yourself!

Weather messing up your plans? Try a ‘Treasure Hunt’ instead! Hide presents around your house and give your child clues to find them.

Plan a Parade
Invite friends to create signs, decorate their cars and cruise by your child’s house for a birthday parade or ask friends to drive by throughout the day and honk! Bonus points for decorating the yard and putting a sign out front asking to ‘honk for the birthday’!

“Reach out, and don’t be surprised at what actually happens, people want to help and people want to make things as special as they can right now. Everyone needs a reason to smile and a reason to get out of their house.”

Do a good deed 
Ask family and friends to do good in honor of your child’s birthday. Ideas like donating to a food pantry, first responders or animal shelters can go a long way during this time. 

Treat Day
Let them spend the day enjoying their favorite activities, even if they aren’t productive. 

Have a Movie Marathon Day! Make a cozy spot in front of your favorite tube and relax all day. 

Set up a tent (indoors or outdoors), for a birthday campout!

Spoil your child with a fun-filled day of games! Board games, card games, video games, and apps. Allow gamers to meet up virtually with their friends and play together.

Give them a break from chores for the day!

Have your child choose their favorite meals for the day. Support your favorite local restaurant with takeout for lunch or dinner!

Don’t forget the cake
Bake a cake or cupcakes with your child. Don’t have the ingredients? Try one of their favorite desserts, cookies or even pancakes!

Plan a party for the future
You can always reschedule your party and switch it up by celebrating a half birthday. You can always celebrate just to celebrate!

Your child will appreciate their pandemic party and it will make for memories that last a lifetime.

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