The Lollipop Bistro Cafe is where your taste buds can come for their own adventure. Just like our attractions, our cafe let’s you step into another world, this one of relaxation, socializing and pampering your palate.  Our fast casual restaurant has colorful decor and comfortable seating so your family can dine at their own pace before racing back to their favorite attraction, fully recharged.

Select an appetizer for that quick bite, savor a delicious hot meal or a fresh crisp salad, all prepared on site and to order by our kitchen staff.  Adults will enjoy our extensive menu of fresh baked pizzas, signature burgers, sandwiches and wraps. The kids have their own appropriately sized menu as well, each including a beverage and choice of french fries or a fruit cup.  We also offer a wide variety of beverages from soft drinks to carefully selected beer and wines to compliment your meal.

Join us at the Lollipop Bistro Cafe, eat and laugh together sharing stories of your adventures here at Make Believe.  Enjoy family time a little longer!

We do not allow outside food and beverages into our facility

You need energy to laugh, play, and explore Make Believe Family Fun Center. When you stop into The Lollipop Bistro Cafe, you’ll get more than just a meal: you’ll get another Make Believe experience.

Explore Our Cafe`

There’s one thing you can always count on here at Make Believe Family Fun Center – you’re going to work up an appetite.  Stop by our Lollipop Bistro Cafe and choose one of our signature burgers & sandwiches, a fresh baked pizza, a crisp salad or a delicious wrap.  Place your order at our counter and then sit back and relax while our kitchen staff makes everything to order, when it’s ready we’ll bring it to your table.

Coffee and Soft Drinks

Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up, a special treat or something to savor as you relax for a while, the drink bar at the Lollipop Bistro Cafe is where it’s at.  You can enjoy your favorite soft drink, fruit juice or a refreshing bottled water to keep you hydrated for hours of play.  But we know what every grown up really needs: coffee! We have a top-of-the-line espresso machine, enabling you to indulge in one of your favorite coffee drinks.  Flavorful roasted beans, rich milk, dairy-free options and sweet add ins make the bar at Lollipop Bistro Cafe one of the best kept secrets in Parma.

Adult Beverages

Make Believe Family Fun Center is a family facility, which means we’re here for the parents too!  We hired a special beverage consultant to stock our bar with the best selections of beer and wine, both to compliment your meal or simply enjoy on their own.  We have refreshing draft beers and a variety of wines ranging from sweet to dry and everything in between.  So stop by the Lollipop Bistro Cafe and belly up to the bar.