Combo Ballocity Toddler



Are you ready for another daring adventure? It’s more than just the “floor is lava” in Make Believe’s volcano themed Ballocity play area.  Scale the mountain and avoid dangers around every corner.  Our adventure playground is three stories of climbing, crawling, ducking, darting, gliding and sliding fun.  Kids 12 and younger are invited to race the clock to escape the brewing volcano, or stay and play daring the ire of Mount Ballocity.  Crawl up the mountain level by level, then race down to escape faster than the lava.   While you’re inside the volcano, you’ll have to crawl through dark tunnels, climb over obstacles, dart around rubber debris and keep off the floor to make it to the other side. Three bumping, swirling, open and covered slides lead kids out of the Volcano danger zone.

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