All Day for ages up to 4 and under 36″ tall Plus a $5.00 Game Card

Our Toddler Area is the final word in mini-sized fun. The mini play zone is restricted to kids aged 4 and younger, so parents don’t have to worry about older kids knocking down their toddlers as they race off to the next adventure. In the Ballocity Toddler Area, everything is scaled toward a younger crowd. The climbing structures are shorter and softer, there are safety mats for a softer thump if your toddlers fall down, and we have plenty of fun activities to explore (like a giant palm tree the kids can climb and “ride”). When designing the toddler play area, we left the slides to the big kids, so there’s no reason to worry about your toddler slipping off and hurting himself if you glance away. Every attraction in the Make Believe facility is cleaned daily, but we pay special attention to the cleanliness of the Toddler Area. We all know babies love to put their mouths on things! There are no big kids allowed, but parents are invited into the toddler zone to play with their kids, help them socialize with other mini explorers, and take plenty of pics for Facebook.

*wristband required
*no shoes
*socks required
*no food or drink
*rides are for 36″ and under
*parent supervision required


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